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How to make money with Arduino. 7 effective ways explained.

Did you ever notice that you can earn money using your Arduino? It is possible now. Knowing that would be a great motivation to learn Arduino. So I decided to write this article about 7 ways you can earn money using Arduino.

  1. Collect data with Arduino and sell data.
  2. Building Arduino-based electronic products.
  3. Manufacturing with Arduino.
  4. Custom shield and components selling.
  5. Teaching Arduino.
  6. Making software tools for Arduino.
  7. Arduino project consulting and freelancing.

1. Collect data with Arduino and sell data.

we can collect data through a wide range of sensors and there is a huge demand for data that can be used for analytical purposes.

You can find a real-world situation where they collect and sell data with Arduino in this article. It is a system developed to track the movements of planes at an airport. They have connected a radio receiver to an Arduino that can read signals that planes use to broadcast their position. This system is called ADS-B.

And also we can use Arduino for collecting data about home electricity consumption, water consumption of an agricultural land/greenhouse, etc.

2. Building Arduino-based electronic products.

If you have an idea about some product that solves an in everyday life or industrial world, you can build it with Arduino.

Or if you can think of a way to build a low-cost version of a product that already exists, that will also be a good way to earn money.

Here are some examples of products built using Arduino.

3. Manufacturing with Arduino.

If you currently have an ongoing manufacturing business or you are planning to start one, you have 3 options to use Arduino to improve your manufacturing process.

CNCCNC plays a major role in today’s manufacturing industry. It allows you to build your product fast and precisely. Using Arduino you can build a high-quality CNC machine that can be used to improve your manufacturing process.
3D Printing3D printing is popular around the world because the manufacturing of a small number of items becomes easy and affordable with 3D printing. Arduino-based 3D printers are the best affordable way to 3D print at present.
Process AutomationMost manufacturing companies are shifting to process automation to reduce their manpower because it can reduce the cost largely and manufacturing can be done more precisely. Arduino is one of the best ways to control automated systems.
Arduino in the Manufacturing industry.

4. Custom shields and component selling.

Arduino shield is a hardware device that can be mounted over the Arduino board to increase its capabilities. Here are some popular Arduino shields that are already available in the market.

  • Ethernet shield
  • Relay Shield
  • Proto shield
  • Motor shield
  • LCD shield
  • capacitive touch pad shield
  • Can bus shield

All you have to make money is carefully study this shields and think beyond that to find an idea which is not available in market.

That idea should solve a problem that happens while using Arduino or it should increase the capabilities of Arduino.

Then you can manufacture it and sell it to make money.

Here is an article that explains in-depth how to make your shield.

5. Teaching Arduino.

The majority of young people, even some elderly people are interested in learning electronics, robotics, and coding. Arduino has made it easy for them to understand the fundamentals of electronics, robotics, and coding.

So there is a huge market for Arduino teaching. You can do this in many ways. Here are some examples.

  • Teaching Arduino as an offline class locally.
  • Teaching Arduino as an online class via Zoom or MS Teams.
  • Selling courses on Udemy.
  • Selling courses on your own website.
  • Making a YouTube channel with tutorials.
  • Starting a blog about Arduino.

6. Making software tools for Arduino.

The software market is huge nowadays. People are always willing to pay for software that makes their work easier. You can build software that makes it easy to do work related to Arduino.

Here are 2 examples already available.

PlatformIOA software platform for embedded development including IDE, Debugging, and testing environment.Free for community. 249$ per year for business support.
Arduino CloudHelps to store your Arduino projects in the cloud, including helping your IoT projects with a cloud interface.Free for two projects. Then 2.99$ per month
Software tools for Arduino.

If you can solve a problem like this with software you can make money easily.

7. Arduino project consulting and freelancing.

In today’s world, if you are an expert in any field you can convert that expertise into money.

In the case of Arduino, it is the same. If you are an expert in Arduino you can either consult someone or some company with their project or you can do the project for them as a freelancer.

If you look at freelancing sites like Fiverr and Upwork you can get a clear idea about how much of the market is available for this and how much you can earn with this.

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